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  • Refresh or Reinvent: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

    September 07, 2023 4 min read

    Refresh or Reinvent: How to Find Your Perfect Fit



    Your trade show booth can take a beating, no doubt about it. When your display looks more shabby than chic, it might be time to ask yourself: Is it time for a minor refresh, or do I boldly reinvent it?

    Before budgeting for next year, here are a few ways to diagnose your booth and assess your needs. We often hear of instances where reinventing wasn't necessary, and money was wasted on a solution that didn't play into their end game. At other times, a refresh didn't make the cut and caused more chaos than conversions. 

    This blog will guide you through the thought process to help you make an informed choice as a handy field guide. 


    Refresh Your Message: The Power of a Simple Transformation



    Refreshing your booth space with new graphics can work wonders. If you're launching a new campaign or message, this is your chance to captivate your audience with a fresh look.

    Here are some critical questions to help you assess if your booth needs extra love.

    Do your current graphics say too much or too little? Ask your sales team if your messages aligned with what the customers were looking for. Did the customers ask specific questions? Is your message about solving the customer's problems, or is it all about you? Sometimes, your message might need to be segmented to a different audience if you attend mixed events. 


    Do you have a new campaign message? It takes 7-10 brand interactions before your customer will remember you. Aligning a consistent cross-channel campaign can make it easier for your sales staff to have meaningful conversations.

    Do you have a new product launch? Updating doesn't mean you must say goodbye to your high-converting graphics. Most portable displays allow you to switch out different graphic messages using the same hardware.

    Pro-Tip: If you opt for new graphics, a labelling system can help you keep track of your graphic inventory. Ask your display provider if they can adhere a visual label to your display case.


    Does it look worn out? If you own a fabric display, you can brighten the graphic by tossing it in the washing machine. However, some high-definition printed graphics often take the most brutal hit. Watch for delamination or signs of peeling. If your display looks worn in less than a year, consider a more durable option moving forward.

    Pro-Tip: Don't forget to refresh your hardware. Ask your display provider to give your hardware a once over, tighten it up and replace any missing bulbs or cords at the same time as your graphic update.


    Reconfigurations: Making the Most of What You Have




     If you own a modular booth, your hardware is a versatile asset. You can quickly reconfigure your display with a new look and feel anytime. Modular displays are a bit like Lego™; they allow you to change features, traffic flow, and booth sizes on a dime. 

    Consult your sales staff who attend the shows for insights on booth functionality. Ask how the display functioned for them and if there are features that could improve the customer experience or the sales process.The answer could be a walk-in storage cabinet, a new reception counter, or rearranging meeting spaces for better traffic flow.

     Document these insights as the year progresses and discuss them with your exhibit designer. Perform a year-end review, addressing wear and tear, missing items, and warranty repairs.


    Reinvent for Impact: Elevate Your Presence




    Perhaps you've been asking yourself if it's time to upgrade your booth size to have a more prominent presence at certain shows.

    Modular Booths: For modular booths, upgrading to a larger size can offer a whole new dimension. Island booths provide access from all sides, creating an engaging experience. When sizing up, consider the customer experience and the size of staff you want attending your shows. Brainstorm how to build customer engagement to keep up the momentum post-show. Post-show marketing will lead to better conversion metrics. 

     Custom Booths: If you need a fresh look every 6-12 months and your booth structure is rigid and lacks reconfigurability, it might be time to reinvent. Opt for an adaptable design. A booth should last 3-5 years before a complete overhaul.

     Alternatively, you can explore rental or rent-to-own options to lower the initial cost. Rentals are beneficial if you target 1-2 larger shows while maintaining a strong presence at many smaller events.


    Data-Driven Decision Making: Evaluating Show Performance

     Understand Trade Show Metrics: Sometimes, short-term conversions can be misleading. Generating a solid brand awareness campaign will outlast short-term performance marketing. Brand awareness is pivotal in extending your brand's longevity and value in customers' minds.

    Create Calls to Action: Lay the groundwork and outline the specific goals you want to achieve. Each show might have a unique goal and will measure success differently. Create a call to action for each show and communicate with your staff members what you want to achieve before each show begins. 

    Measure Conversions: Identify the shows that yielded the best results. Did smaller shows with workshops and keynotes outperform larger ones? Invest wisely and determine whether larger shows need a complete overhaul or if investing in smaller events could offer higher returns.


    Conclusion: An Ever-Evolving Strategy for Success

    The choice between refreshing and reinventing your booth space is not easy. It requires a deep understanding of your goals, audience, and budget. A well-executed booth space can make a lasting impression, leaving attendees excited about your brand long after the event. 

     At PosterGarden and Display Dynamics, we partner with exhibitors to build display solutions to evolve with their growing business. Our designers and engagement specialists guide our clients to spark new creative ideas. 

    If you want to bring clarity to your event marketing and evaluate the big picture of your show circuit, ask about our free concept proposals. We help you bring your ideas to life and execute them in innovative, simple ways that save you money and make you look like a million. If you want to explore this, we can help get you there.

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