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  • Infinite Graphic Combinations – Now That's Cool

    Xpressions is a multi-dimensional display with interchangeable fabric graphics. Angle, stretch, reshape a variety of graphic combinations. Connect frames to expand your display to fit any booth space. Give your brand the originality it deserves with the most creative, multifaceted display on the market.

    Xpressions – Features & Highlights

    Get the functionality of a modular display with the convenience of a portable pop-up. Showcase your products with a dynamic display to take on the go. Create the ultimate 3D effect with a flawless fabric finish. Individual graphic panels can be easily swapped out making Xpressions a cost-effective solution for frequent image and messaging updates.

    Instant Set-Up

    Set-up your frame automatically with powerful magnetic connectors. Securely set up in seconds with a durable frame and quality components.

    Creative Configurations

    Reshape your display with 10 frames and 14 graphic combinations for the ultimate 3D effect with a flawless fabric finish.

    Accessorize It

    Lights, shelves, counter cases, and more. The Xpressions is perfect for product display and customization while still remaining portable.

    Interchangeable Messages

    Easily swap-out or replaced individual graphic panels. The buttonhole attachment system makes graphic updates simple and affordable.

    Easy Travel

    Averaging 17 lbs, this lightweight display is airline friendly and can fit into the trunk of a car. Pack it in a hard or soft wheeled case.

    Instant Podium

    The folding gray woodgrain countertop and fabric graphic cover easily transforms the wheeled L or M Case into a convenient podium.

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    Everything you need to look your best at your next event, delivered to your door.