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  • Hybrid Displays: Grow Your Booth with Your ROI

    March 18, 2024 4 min read

    Hybrid Displays: Grow Your Booth with Your ROI

    Finding Your Magic on the Show Floor

    Trade shows are bustling. They can be loud, noisy and exhausting for attendees. In a sea of booths, capturing the attention of attendees can be daunting.

    As display technologies evolve, traditional methods are giving way to more versatile and dynamic solutions. Among these, hybrid displays have emerged as a powerful tool for exhibitors to elevate their brand presence at trade shows giving them the ability to start small and grow as their profitability increases. 

    If you want to make a lasting impression without breaking the bank, the Hybrid is the unicorn you've been looking for.


    In this post we'll cover:

    1. Pros and cons of going Hybrid
    2. Tips for planning a Hybrid Display
    3. How to future-proof your booth
    4. Create a display that will grow with your business



    The Pros + Cons of Going Hybrid

    A Hybrid Display balances convenience, affordability, and functionality. Portable displays like pop-ups and banner stands are compact and easy to set up; however, they have limitations. On the other hand, modular displays provide the flexibility to scale booth size and features but can be a logistical nightmare. A hybrid is a blend of both options, giving you the best of both worlds.

    Here's a quick run down of each display type:


    Portable displays are engineered for convenience and transport in airline-friendly cases. They are known for their effortless setup. Popular options like pop-ups and banner stands have become an industry staple.


    Modular displays function like building blocks. The structure can adapt to fit various booth sizes with transformative configurations. Despite these advantages, modular displays require more planning. You must organize shipping and storage in advance. You will also require a set-up crew, additional show services and a place to store large crates before and after each show. Your display provider should be able to accommodate this for you, but it is often seen as a hidden cost, adding to the overall budget. Modular displays can deliver maximum impact if you're willing to plan your shows well in advance and manage these details.


    Hybrid displays combine portability with functionality without the logistical challenges. If you want to avoid heavy crates and skip the cumbersome details and still want the look and  features of a modular booth; the Contour system is a great option. Hybrid displays also come in at a lower price point, making them attractive for the budget-conscience exhibitor. However, it's important to note that hybrids might not be ideal for solo travellers since installation may be easier with two people on the show floor. 



    Tips for Planning a Hybrid Booth

    Generate Quality Leads

    Video engagement zones can also be added to your display for lead retrieval strategies. A well-designed hybrid display can attract quality prospects with a dedicated space to take the next step in your sales funnel with meeting areas, reception counters, or touch-screen stations.

    Grow with Your ROI

    A great strategy is to start small using Growth Kits. Your initial 10'x10' booth investment can evolve into a 10'x20' or 20'x20' configuration using your original hardware. What you start with today, you can use forever. The layout can continuously adapt, allowing for adjustments, add-ons, expansions, and reconfigurations as your shows progress. It's the versatility that ensures your display grows as your profitability grows.

    Optimize Campaign Spends

    The Contour Hybrid System allows you to print double-sided graphics, unlocking the potential to reach two audiences using one set of hardware at a fraction of the cost. By thinking ahead, not only do you save on display costs, but you also maximize the impact of your graphics. 

    Reconfigure Each Show

    Hybrid Displays allow for frequent refreshes without incurring high costs. Because you have the flexibility to customize display configurations, you can become more intentional about your look and show strategy. Each show allows you to be creative and stand out with an original and innovative booth design.

    Pro-Tip: If you are unsure about investing in a new feature, rent the components first before you fully invest.





    How to Future-Proof Your Booth

    Hybrid displays can be strategically curated to incorporate functional elements such as product displaysdemonstration areas, and meeting spaces, enhancing the overall attendee experience. Plan and configure your space based on traffic flow and functionality. Each element you add today can adapt to different configurations and booth sizes. Plan your layouts according to booth locations and show type and create growth kits that fit the strategy for each type of show you attend.

    Popular add-on features to consider are:

    Reception Counters

    Backlit counters and Pop-up Counters with internal storage provide a welcoming focal point for engaging with visitors and storing promotional materials.

    Arches & Canopies

    Adding arches and canopies to your booth provides depth and dimension. They increase brand visibility from the aisle, allowing your primary message to shine front and center.


    Increase brand visibility by adding height. Adding towers can be a cost-effective alternative to hanging signage with an unobstructed view of your logo.

    Backlit Headers 

    Illuminated headers draw attention to your message or logo, ensuring your brand stands out even in crowded exhibition halls.


    A designated area to store personal belongings is essential to keep your space clean and clutter-free.


    Integrate monitors into your display to showcase videos, presentations, or interactive content to engage and inform visitors.


    Attach display products and literature using shelving units. Attach and adjust their position along the backwall. You have the flexibility to move them or add them as you see fit.

    Add Dimension

    Incorporating angled or curved elements into your display adds visual interest with dynamic design elements.

    Create a display that will grow with your business

    In conclusion, hybrid displays offer tremendous benefits for exhibitors looking to elevate their trade show presence. From increased visibility and engagement to enhanced flexibility and functionality, these versatile displays are more affordable than traditional modular or custom displays and still pack a punch. 

    PosterGarden specializes in customizing stunning trade show displays so you can feel confident and effective on the show floor. If you want to leave a lasting impression at your next trade show, PosterGarden can help you get started with a complimentary branded concept proposal. Elevate your brand presence at your next trade show with PosterGarden – where creativity meets functionality.

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