Change Your Graphic in a Snap

It's easier than ever to change your message with Supreme's removable tension graphic roller.
Set-up quickly with a no-fuss telescopic pole. Pack up instantly using the included top-loading padded soft carry case.

Supreme – Features & Highlights

Adjustable height and width with a user-friendly design. Use as an accent or place three unit side-by-side to fill a 10’ x 10' booth space. 

Durable Hardware

A free-standing base provides extra stability and support. The Supreme is built to last with quality components engineered for repeat use.

Removable Graphics

Remove the internal graphic cartridge to quickly change out your message whenever or wherever with a simple push of a button.

Adjustable Height

The easy, clamp-style telescopic pole makes it faster than ever to set up, allowing for infinite height adjustments up to 84.5 inches.

Double-Sided Goodness

Double-up your brand exposure with higher traffic visibility. Use the same graphic inside a single or double-sided hardware unit.

Light It Up

Clip-on a modern silver LED spotlight to your banner pole. Convenient padded bags are included to pack with your display safely.

Rugged Carry Case

Take your Supreme anywhere with a padded heavy-duty carry case. The top-loading zipper makes packing up a breeze.

Everything you need to look your best at your next event, delivered to your door.