A Smooth Curve That Won't Wrinkle Or Sag

Most curved fabric pop-ups contain a series of straight angled faces that ‘act’ like a curve. The Virage boasts a durable aluminum frame with an actual curve and an ultra-smooth graphic. This vibrant graphic remains attached to the structure and is set-up in just seconds.

Virage – Features & Highlights

At half the weight of a traditional curved pop-up that uses individual rolled graphic panels, Virage is the lighter and more practical display alternative. Featuring a single-piece fabric graphic printed via dye-sublimation, it can be machine washed multiple times and still retain its vibrant colors and wrinkle-free appearance.

Instant Set-Up

The curved frame sets up in under a minute. The magnetic connectors and snap enclosures make this durable system quick and convenient.

Curved Design

High-definition fabric graphic is held taught to the curved frame with self-fastening hardware. The graphic is machine washable & easy to replace.

Light It Up

Modern silver LED spotlights ensure that your message stands-out. Convenient padded bags included to safely pack them with your display.

Instant Podium

The folding gray woodgrain countertop and fabric graphic cover easily transforms the wheeled L or M Case into a convenient podium.

Everything you need to look your best at your next event, delivered to your door.