Contour 20’ x 8’ Straight

Price including options selected below...
    • Aluminum tubing frame w/ support feet.

    • Set-up Dimensions: 228"w x 94"h - Feet: 20"
    • Shipping Weight*: 68.8 lbs.
      *Including preset options below & packaging.

Contour – Features & Highlights

Connect with One Click

Get set-up in under 15 minutes. Each tube interlocks with push-pin connectors. Intuitive sticker instructions are found on each frame for a stress-free setup.

Slip-On Graphics

Single or double-sided tension fabric slips over the frame and zips up for full coverage. Dye-sub graphics are machine washable, remain vibrant and pack small.

Promote Your Products

Create a product showcase with modern shelving and lighting. Shelving units hook onto the back wall for dynamic configuration changes.

Create a Focal Point

Add depth and create a focal point to your design with an Arch. Highlight a message or video presentation by bringing it to the front of your booth space.

Elevate Your Brand

Take your design to new heights. Raise your message or build a storage tower for ultimate visibility with frames reaching up to 126” high.

Mix-&-Match Components

Build endless configurations. Connect frames with 90°, 135° and 180° angles for an expandable display — a 100% adjustable and creative solution.

Greet Your Customers

Engage visitors with a lightweight and compact counter that sets up instantly and packs small. Stow away clutter with a handy interior shelf.

Take It Anywhere

Ultra-compact and lightweight with a wheeled transport bag. Built-in clips keep the frame neatly organized and secure after every take-down.